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tedd's Quarter's game       The Rules       How to win


The rules are simple

  1. You decide who goes first (you or the computer (i.e., me));
  2. Pick and remove any number of coins from any single pile per move;
  3. The last person to remove a coin loses.

Care to try?

How to win

I learned this game several years ago and finally turned it into a program, namely "Quarters". The program has elements of artificial intelligence and follows a "rule-based" AI algorithm. In other words, it plays the game as I do, except it doesn't make mistakes. I think that you'll find it hard to beat!

After learning the rules, the beauty of the game is that it can be played anywhere with twelve coins. While, the strategy of winning the game is complex, it follows some very simple rules, which you may be able to derive from playing the program. But, if you can't, I can provide the solution for $5 US via below. When I receive payment, I'll email you the secret.

Thanks for playing -- tedd